Install Python Boto on CentOS 6

I’ll quickly take you through installing Python & Boto on CentOS 6 for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Boto is an interface to access all of the Amazon Web Services via the Python programming language. Using Boto you can write some handy scripts to automate simple things like starting or stopping EC2 instances or taking regular snapshots of your servers..

All the syntax listed here is executed via the command line. Simply open a terminal window and you’re good to go

Installing Python and Python development libraries:

I install the python-devel package as you’ll find you may require them in the future when attempting to install additional Python packages.

We will use Python pip to manage additional packages:

Python pip isn’t available with the CentOS base yum repository. The EPEL yum repository will need to be enabled, this is achieved quickly by running the following command:
64bit run:

32bit run:

Installing the epel rpm will also automatically enable the EPEL repository so nothing more is needed to be done. If the URL I used in my example doesn’t work, it may be because a new version has been released. You can check for the latest EPEL release rpm here:

easy_install is another popular tool to install and manage Python packages. Currently pip appears to be gaining more favour amongst Python users.

Finally we will install the Boto package via pip:

This process is pretty straight forward, pip will connect to the web server, search for the package, download it, compile it if required and enable it in your environment.

To test that Boto has successfully installed into our environment:

If installed correctly you should simply get the output of the current Boto version installed.


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    It can be used side-by-side with Boto in the same project, so it is easy to start using Boto3 in your existing projects as well as new projects.

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